R + D Kitchen’s Special Tuna Burger

  • R + D Tuna Burger #1
  • R + D Tuna Burger #2

R+D Kitchen in Santa Monica has a relatively small menu, but every item is interesting and delicious.  To supplement the menu, they have multiple specials every day, including a sandwich of the day.  This tuna burger is a recurring special sandwich and was actually the first thing I ever ate from R + D.  It’s practically bigger than my head and almost impossible to eat, which means I generally end up resorting to a fork and knife.

What I like about this sandwich is that it furthers R + D’s style: American dishes at first glance, yet with enough of an interesting twist that the restaurant is always packed.  The tuna burger, for example, is constructed much more like a classic American hamburger than the usual Japanese influenced ahi tuna burger.  There is no sign of wasabi or anything remotely Asian on this sandwich, just good old-fashioned lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and a nice mayo. In addition, the tuna was not a rare steak, but instead a patty, served on the rare side.  All in all, it almost felt like I was eating a regular hamburger, but with the added bonus that instead of red meat, I was indulging in sashimi grade tuna.  It is sandwiches like this, ones that combine familiar flavors into interesting combinations, that continue my love for food.

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